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Updated June 1, 2002

As a child growing up in Brooklyn - in the late 1940's - I remember having one specific memory that set me apart from everyone else. I always knew that I was here because of something to do with the concept of 'time' that was both physical and metaphysical.

At age eleven my journey into metaphysics began like a chapter out of a Science Fiction novel. An unexpected trip with my mother from Brooklyn to Reno, Nevada, in April of 1954 would change the course of my destiny. Somewhere in the desert, at dusk, the sun setting behind the mountains in colors of red, pink, orange, and blue, two entities from another realm appeared to us. There I was all of 11 years old - somewhere between childhood fantasies and teenage adventures.

Infrared photo of me in regression of 1954 experience

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I remember being asleep in the back of an old Ford on the cross-country journey from Brooklyn to Reno. The car paused on a dirt road and we got out.

My mother and the driver of the car looked frozen in time, yet I was not scared.

The entities I encountered were Light Beings. Their ship appeared as a pyramid of light. I was told of a future time in which I would be involved in shaping the destiny of this planet, whatever that meant to an eleven year old child, and it was linked to pyramids, time, a book, and this entity who called himself Z.

They disappeared and the illusion of space-time, as we understand it, returned.

I remember my mother being afraid and wondering why we had stopped and had gotten out of the car.

As an only child she was very over-protective of me.

Our two month stay in Reno was not pleasant and I felt very lost and alone, yet Nevada felt very connected to me.

It was at that time that Z, the entity I had seen in the desert, came to me psychically and became my best friend and protector. He has acted in that capacity throughout my life and has guided my journey here both physically and spiritually.

In 1954, Z told me that everything would be fine and that we would return to Brooklyn after two months, which we did. What I didn't understand was that my mother had gone to Reno for a divorce and my life would not be the same on many levels.

Upon my return home to Brooklyn, you better believe my world totally changed.

I told no one about my experiences with Z. My parents divorced, followed by a change of residence.

My clairvoyant and clairaudient connection to Z became part of my every-day life.

I remember my teen life with fond memories of excellent grades in school - great friends - Miss Brooklyn, modeling, dancing on the TV show "The Alan Freed Show" - and Z always there at my side if I needed anything.

I laughed at life as Z always brought humor to everything I did.

It was in my college years that I learned that Z was the Persian Prophet Zarathrustra, Zoroaster. Z taught me to 'time traveling' to see what our lives were like in other timelines. He taught me many of the metaphysical skills teenagers seek today.

One of my fondest memories from 1954 had to do with healing a child. After we moved I became close to the family who lived next store to my new home. The family consisted of a mother, father, 3 year old boy and beautiful blond - blue-eyed one-year old girl. The mother was very kind to me in this confusing time of my life. Their baby was sick with an illness I didn't understand. She had 'water on the brain'. I wanted to help the baby. I remember Z telling me to stand her up and send her love through hugs. I held her and hugged her. Within two days she could sit up alone. A few days later she could stand. A few days after that she was cured, which was considered a miracle.

As I was so young, I found the experience wonderful, yet very scary, as I didn't understand what was occurring, so I stopped healing. The child and her family eventually bought a house in another neighborhood and we all went our separate ways. I wish I had that power today as that to me is true healing. The power for spontaneous healing eludes me at this time.

I graduated college at 20 with a dual major in Psychology and Special Education. I went on to receive a masters in Psychology the following year, after which I became an elementary school teacher.

In the years ahead I went on to do the traditional things - marriage and children - a house, 2 cars, etc.

In 1984, I became 'triggered', a term we use in metaphysics meaning 'an awakening' by your soul to find its purpose. Of course I had always known my purpose in my conscious mind but one day you just wake up and know they the third dimension is not what it appears to be and you have something more important to do. This often happens Winnie have completed the karma you came in for, but that is not always the case. Once that happens, there is never any going back to the mind-set one has before. You awaken to the multidimensional nature of your soul.

[Since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, human consciousness has moved into a new reality as a soul group and people seek answers that cannot be found in mainstream teachings. The fall of the Twin Towers symbolized the fall of the economic systems already in shambles, and the open of the Hall of Records, the Akashic Record, our DNA, etc.]

Back in 1984 I went from middle class Jewish housewife, teacher and psychologist - to psychic reader - talk show hostess "The Metaphysical Experience" and "Satellite Psychic" - researcher - lecturer - teacher - healing master - in a line of careers that unfold to this very day.

With my diverse educational background nothing could have prepared me for the experiences and friends I was to meet as a metaphysician. These souls are from all walks of life, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, religions, careers, and sexual orientations.

I consider myself lucky to have found knowledge and friendship, with some of the leading researchers, authors, healers, lecturers, teachers, and prophets. That list still continues to grow as humanity evolves into conscious awareness.

I have watched many of my clients go on to become Spiritual Healers, Therapists, Counselors, Nutritionists, Researchers, Psychic Readers, find families from other lifetimes and their soul purpose.

For years I studied metaphysical subjects wherever they were made available to me, which was limited in the early days.

In 1991 - with my three daughters grown, I divorced, sold the house and set off on a path of my own - moving to my present apartment. It is on the top floor of a wonderful apartment building - with skylights, terrace, and a view of the waterway and bridge. A large scenic park is just across the street - and birds nest in the gutters above my terrace. This apartment actually remained empty for eight months before we found each other. Many people came to look and it - fell in love with it - yet were turned away for one reason or another. The day I signed the lease - three other people came with deposits for the apartment - but it was too late. Z had guided me to this space and it is here that I would do my best work.

The day I moved in a psychic friend said, "Ellie, you will entertain many famous people here." I looked at her like she was crazy. The following month a movie was made in my apartment and the energy for media has never stopped. To date I have been filmed by FOX TV, WCBS TV, and made a documentary about 'Love' in my home.

My apartment has many portal through which spirits visit especially as I talk to souls who have crossed over.

In 1995 Z told me that I would be creating a website called Crystalinks that would be a journey into awareness for myself and my readers. I wasn't sure what he meant, but it seemed like a plan as I had just purchased a new Mac!

Crystalinks would become a bridge that would link physical and metaphysical realities. It is a place the readers would visit to find answers to questions and issues they have pondered much of their lives and have no where to go for answers.

Crystalinks shows you the repetition of patterns in our reality, based on geometric design - the connections of science, myth and metaphor that trigger you into awareness. You cannot read about one aspect of history without seeing it on many levels. not just in the physical experience. All things are multidimensional. All are created by, and link back to, the same source.

While reading through the interwoven fabric of Crystalinks you come into a greater understanding of how the universe (your soul) works and your part in that pattern.

You can formulate your own theories as guided by your soul experience, which is constantly evolving.

Crystalinks allows you to expanding your conscious as your soul guides. There are many files to help you discover your personal truths about reality and the changes that are about to take place in your body, mind and soul.

A large part of my work is to guide you and let you discover the infinite possibilities. It is the reason you found this website - or did it find you?

The original version of Crystalinks went on the Internet in August 1995. To this day it is, and always will be, a 'work in progress'.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Crystalinks would grow to 300 megs with the stats it generates - the highest being September 13, 2001 - the stats were over 2 million hits as people sought answers to the attack on the World Trade Center that they couldn't find in the third dimension. When in doubt, we always seek answers from higher sources as they dictate our reality here.

Most of my psychic friends can see and hear Z. They recognize him by his frequency signature, as we all have a specific signature.

Ellie and Z

Z channeled this drawing to Deja Allison in 1990.

Z has taught me much about life and the universe. He allows me my personal journey finding my answers in the timelines needed. I've been told to write a book about our adventures, sounds like a plan!

On the physical planet Earth, Z and I have explored many areas of the globe - climbed mountains - walked out into the deserts, crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the QE 11 where I lectured and did readings. Archives

The rewards of my work have been many. I have opened the hearts and souls of an endless number of people. It comes through love and humor and connection of their energies with their spiritual purpose.

I have laughed and cried with my clients as we seek the best path for their destinies, or look to solve the issues which keep them trapped in a reality which often has no purpose.

My classes have taken people through past lives, healing issues, meeting their spirit guides, and much more.

We live in times of great change both physically and spiritual.

We are evolving into higher frequency beings, which is not an easy transition.

Please enjoy your journey through Crystalinks. It is my pleasure to welcome you.

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People have asked me if I am able to read my daughters. On most issues I can read their futures. They are all intuitive in their own right, and pursue various careers.

Tracy, Nikki, Zsia

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Tracy is a counselor with two masters degrees. She is married to Gino, a lawyer. They live in Arizona. They have one son, Giovanni, born August 27, 2000 and are expecting a baby girl in mid-October.

Zsia is married to Jon. They are both CPA's. Zsia is a manager at Grant Thorten. They live in New Jersey. Zsia is clairvoyant and able to manifest what she needs. As a teenager she was a regional champion gymnast. Zsia and Jon have two sons. Michael born April 10, 1998. Dylan born December 19, 2000.

Nikki is an Advertising Account Manager for the Sci-Fi / USA Channel in Manhattan. She is married to Ryan, an executive at Jaguar. Their Manhattan apartment has a panaramic view of the city. Nikki has a Masters Degree in Political Science. She has studied abroad and sat in on Parliament in England. Nikki has clairvoyant dreams.

1980's - ongoing: Various television and radio shows Topics: Varied - Metaphysical in nature September 1990-1993: Manhattan Cable TV--New England Cable TV: Hosted the talk show The Metaphysical Experience December 1991: Lecture in London Topic: Extraterrestrial Connection To Our Planet's History December 1991: QE II (Cruise Liner) Topic: Lecture: Developing your psychic abilities/ Readings: People from 40 different countries. November 1991: New York University Topic: Shared lecture with Zecharia Sitchen: Extraterrestrials January 1992: Marie Claire Magazine: Italy Topic: Extraterrestrials May 1993-September 1993: Hosted the satellite talk show Satellite Psychic May 1994: WCBS television Topic: Past Life Regressions August 1994: New York Times: Topic: Channeling of artist Andy Warhol September 1995: Manhattan Topic: Sponsoring a Crystal Skull Workshop November 1995: Madison Square Garden Topic: Sponsoring Colin Andrews: Crop Circles September 1996: FOX TV: Topic: Channeling of Deceased Entities April 1996: Best seller Psychic New York. Topic: Top Psychics in New York City September 1997: American Woman Magazine. Topic: The 20 Most Reputable Psychics August 1999: Documentary - "What is 'Love'".
Media Projects in Progress - 2001
Sarah and Alexander

I bought my first computer in 1989. The following an entity named Alexander came to me psychically. He told me that he was six years old and came from another realm. He told me a story about his meeting with a little six year old girl on planet Earth named Sarah. I sat down at my new computer and began to write the story of "Sarah and Alexander". The journey was not to be complete until 2001 with book and screenplay versions.