As a race - humanity is now evolving to higher frequencies of light as it clears away the emotional baggage and karma that has kept it trapped in the illusions of the 3D game.

As our souls reach certain levels of frequency - we become beacons of light energy on the planet.

We may not actually understand that we hold these frequencies - but they do exist and can be seen by those who work on higher levels of consciousness.

These people are called the 'Beacons of Light' - those who hold higher frequencies on planet Earth as we spiral upward.

One day your pinpoint of light will connect with

another aspect of who you are in another reality.

It is like a game of Connect. . .The. . .Dots.

Some people are born with a higher soul expression.

They are called the Star Children - Indigo Children -
Children of the Blue Ray - who have activated DNA.
We are all Star Seeds as we are all visitors to the third dimension.

In our everyday lives we often meet people who hold frequencies
for the regions in which they reside on the physical planet.

They often wonder why they were destined to live in these places -
the reason being their vibrational frequencies are needed to balance
those energy vortexes to pinpoints of light in other grids systems.

Their mission - to hold a frequency in 3D

These souls are coming from a frequency of compassion -
the helpers - the healers - true teachers -
those you turn to when you seek counsel and guidance.

At times you can experience their light.

Often you spent time with them just to connect with their higher frequency - positive energies. You may not even realize what you are doing it - but the experience is positive.

You can also be the sender of this positive light energy. In this case - people would be drawn to you.

Carrying a higher spiritual frequency has nothing to do with how much you meditate or how involved you are in metaphysical subjects. Many of the people I know in metaphysics are so bogged down with depression - I wonder how they can work in this field at all.

Carrying a higher frequency is about how you live your life and the love and enlightenment you bring to others. It is understanding the way the universe works without reading a book or an article - as you intuitively know universal order and the nature of the game. You know the universe will provide as you move through your lessons. This doesn't mean you have to play the part of the victim - never saying NO and often being abused.

It is about compassion and holding a loving light without judgment.

Trigger Image For Today Please study this image. Relax your mind and body. Take a long slow deep breath. Close your eyes. Listen to the music. See yourself surrounded in the color blue. Imagine it flowing through your body . . . from the top of your head . . . slowly filtering down through your body . . . touching every cell that makes you who you physically are. Relax and take another deep breath. As you exhale look for a ray of light energy emanating from your body. If you are a Beacon - you will see 'your light' in the color frequency you hold. If you do not see it - please try again at another time.