Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach a successful London physician became a Metaphysical herbolist in 1930. He practiced holistic medicine decades before the concept came into voque.

With a highly intuitive touch and natural healing talents Bach went into the countryside of England and Wales. He was divinely guided in search of divinely enriched remedies of the spirit.There he found the specific wildflowers which had the power to counterbalance humanity's negative mental and emotional habits through the frequencies of each one.

He picked some flowers and plants. He placed each one in a separate container of water. Next the placed them in the sunlight for 4 consecutive hours when the sun was at it's full strength.

These peak flowers, or blossoms, magneticized the water with concentrated amounts of energy (prana or chi) thereby creating a potent flower remedy that eased the strain in the subtle bodies of the patient by elevating the vibrations and encouraging a downflow of healing power from the soul itself.

Later he bottled these liquids, sometimes combining them with spring water and one 1 teaspoon of brandy as a preservative.

Generally each flower or plant was bottled individually. One of his most popular remedies is the "rescue remedy" which is a special mixture of 5 other remedies. This was to be taken during any of the intense situations that arise within the course of a person's lifetime. For example - easing a birth, releasing emotional strain, and lessening everyday trama.

Most remedies consisted of 1 flower...for example honeysuckle is used for people who live in the past. Energy is fed to old thought forms which creates a state of completion in the "now". Honeysuckle essence may pull such persons gentle into the present by changing their mental-emotional focus.

This method incorporated the 4 elements into a preparation of the remedies:

EARTH---From which the flowers grew

AIR---which surrounded the remedy during potentization

FIRE---which was drawn from the sun's energy

WATER---the medium which was to be enriched with beneficent magnetic healing