Cycles of Time - Isis and Osiris- Atlantis Revisited

The tones of creation resonated throught the Great Hall.

The God Osiris and the Goddess Isis
appeared in a swirling field of molecular energy.

Communication was through thoughtforms.

The energy of Spirit was unconditional love and harmony.

Isis motioned with her right hand,
sweeping it upward and clockwise in front of her.

A Cycle of Time - 13,000 years
if one were to measure time in a linear fashion
was emerging.

36 creational forces came to a dimension
of Earth as higher life forms.

They arrived in 12 pyramid ships of light.

Osiris slowly motioned with his right hand,
sweeping it upward and clockwise.

From the 12 pyramids came tones created by the 36.

A master crystal was made manifest.
It generated a program for a Cycle of Time.

It was placed within a pyramid.

That pyramid was then placed in the land that would be called
Atlan, Atlantis, Atla, Atlantica, Azatland.

From within and without,
From above and below,
Grids were formed connecting all and everything.
All wisdom was stored within these grids.

Isis slowly cupped her hands, sweeping them upward.

By her thoughts she created tones.

The 12 creational pyramids blended
with the tones creating spectrums of light geometry.

Isis took the seed of this knowledge and placed it in a
sphere which contained all of the wisdom of creation.
This wisdom would be part of the memory of each soul.

Isis created the Great Hall of Atlantis.
Colors in many spectrums
Creational light energy
Creational tones and overtones
All blending in the geometric patterns of 'The Dance'.

DNA helixes spiraled from the grids,
intermingling with the creational tones.

Souls in the form of spheres of light connected with
the grids and came into conscious awareness on all levels.

Osiris slowly motioned with his right hand, sweeping it upward.

A Cycle of Time
if one were to measure time in a linear fashion,
an etheric place that goes by the name Atlantis
combines with the energies of electro-magnetic grids
now becomes manifest in physical form.

A land that touched the continents of Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica, and Canada in a time when all was connected.

The Great Pyramid of Atlantis - which controlled that 'Cycle of Time' and contained the physical 'Hall of Records' for that cycle

The Domed Temples of Worship

The Healing Centers: Crystals, Pyramids, Hot Springs

The Hall of Wisdom

The Meeting Chamber: A marble hall of dark blue, gold, and white.

The Halls of Science and Technology

The Great Library where the scribes recorded the ancient knowledge

The Political Council Chambers

Sentient beings in physical forms

A great fertile plain where produce was abundant

Languages of light and sound

Great images of the skies, stars, constellations as they were then

The portal where ships from the sky transported the Gods to the planet

Isis motioned with her right hand,
sweeping it slowly from her
heart center away from her body.

The Cycle of Time was completing,
the master crystal releasing its encoded messages
into the cosmic energies of the void.
The grids that created the Atlantean
Cycle of Time were collapsing,
as the souls returned to their beginnings.

Another Cycle of Existence would come into being
in which the souls would experience through the
multitude of energies that would become their new awareness.