Ascended Masters

The term 'Masters' suposedly refers to those ascended souls who after many incarnations and life experiences, have mastered the lessons of the physical realm. They can then choose whether to serve on planet Earth or continue on to other realms and dimensions.

Lifetime after lifetime, and experience after experience, the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karma, has drawn them back into physical bodies until they have reached a high enough frequency to enter into a body of light.

Ascended Masters speak / channel to us - through synchronicities, dreams, meditations, art, music, other aspect of the creative mind - intuitive side of the brain - the right brain - also known as the feminine side. Ascension means a return to the higher frequencies which we think of as a return to the feminine.

If you compare their past lives and experiences you come to conclude that all of the Ascended Masters are in truth the same soul - having had many experiences in various phsycial forms to seed the planet with their spiritual frequency.

Just as the ancients had their Gods in Egypt, Sumer, Greece, Rome, global deities - this energy exists in this timeline in the form of ancient masters or often ET's.

The program that creates our reality follows certain geometry.

From that geometry the programs create sound, light and color frequencies.

Programs vary from Age to Age in Earth's cycles - yet 'the creator is the same as are the basic principles of the games.

I know this soul as Zoroaster - Z - and connect with him as such.

He writings and teachings fill the pages of Crystalinks.

Z is my partner and twin flame.

I have seen him take on all of the ascended master roles - sometimes simultaneously.

His purpose is - as has always has been - to bring higher energies and knowledge into our consciousness.

They are part of incorporating the new matrixes of light into the grids that are presently connecting us into the next level of consciousness.

Z has taken me through many initiations to understand the nature of this program.

Through basic geometric matrixes - are called sacred geometry.

They originates in third dimension in the Great Pyramid.

All channeled information is received by tapping into the grids that form our reality.

These grids are called the Collective Unconscious - Hall of Records, Akashic Record, and is what we tap into when we time travel, remote view, talk to Spirit and Ascended Masters, etc.

It all goes back to one Soul who created this program and experiences through it.

Those of us who channel - talk - to an Ascended Master - are connected to the frequency of that soul.

This soul has played both male and female roles.

You are part of that soul having a physical experience on this planet in this timeline.

It is easier for you to conceive of an ascended master as a separate entity - as that is what the program dictates - but in truth we are all One.

As all things follow the geometry of the program - the masters must follow in terms of connecting to specific chakras - colors ray frequencies - and their supposed jobs here at this time.

Whatever works to get you to remember who you are.

You follow the thread of the frequency in which you connect and you learn what lessons are on that frequency - by that specific master.

If you are into channeling ET's - those master teachers are this same soul - riding in with the same information.

All of the information - just as in the days of the ancient mythological gods - leads back to the same Source.

It is all part of a program that is about to shift/end.

Below is a list of many Ascended Masters.

There are 7 main Ascended Masters - linked to the 7 chakras - or 7 rays - of the rainbow (as in Rainbow Bridge ) for ascension.

Djwhal Khul
El Morya - First Ray (Blue) Gifts of Faith of God's Will - Throat Chakra
Gautma Buddha
Hilarion - Fifth Ray (Emerald Green) - Gifts of Healing - Third Eye Chakra
Jesus / Sanada
John the Baptist
Kuthumi Second Ray (Yellow) - Gifts of God's Wisdom - Crown Chakra 
Nada - Sixth Ray (Purple and Gold) - Gifts of Diverse Kinds of Tongues - Solar Plexus Chakra
Paul the Venetian - Third Ray (Pink) - Gift of the Discerning of Spirits - Heart Chakra
Saint Germain -  Seventh Ray (Violet) - Gifts of Prophecy and Miracles - Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra
Sanat Kumara
Sathya Sai Baba
Serapis Bey - Fourth Ray (White) - Gift of Miracles - Root Chakra


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