Alien Eyes and Implants

A Computer Program

For many years when I have closed my eyes to receive psychic messages - I have seen the shiny black eyes of the supposed Grey alien race staring at me. The eyes are right in front of me - close-up and personal.

The eyes would just appear and I would discount them immediately - getting a negative feeling and not wanting to connect.

There were never any eyelids and I saw nothing of the face.

There are many theories about the Greys and how they have interacted in humanity's history - in both a positive and negative way.

In recent years they have become the subject of many books, movies, TV shows, conspiracies (Roswell), and personal encounters with humans. They have kept people busy and guessing about out-of-world entities, though many researchers feel they exist in a higher frequency of planet Earth or in bases below the ground.

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Many researchers believe that the Greys were on this planet before humans were created. I have heard that the came from Mars or perhaps Orion or Zeta Reticula.

There are so many scenarios I doubt we will ever find out one truth - as the Greys are just another aspect of the grid program of our reality.

The image below is found in the Step Pyramid in Egypt. It shows interaction between a Grey alien and humans back in the times of ancient Egypt.


For years I wondered why I saw only the black eyes . . . Generally when I 'saw' them . . . I was not working in the ET field . . . and couldn't correlate them to a client or my research.

Yesterday I saw the eyes during a reading with a client whose energies seemed to trigger something in me - or maybe it was just my time to figure this out.

As I closed my eyes to get images for the client . . . once again I found myself looking into the large glassy black eyes.

I was drawn to look into them 'up close and personal' . . . . and guess what?

Just as I had suspected . . . I was looking through the screen of a computer into a computer room.

The eyes are like a video cams watching us!

An 'all seeing eye' from some computer that is part of our creation - or at the very least monitors the program.

Now there's a metaphor for you!! Eyes - All Seeing Eye - Eye of Ra - Eye of God - Uh oh . . . I best not go there!

This adds new dimension to the term 'The Watchers' - those who watch humanity most likely through the main frame of a computer!

Greys supposedly have a hive mind - one intelligence that controls them. If they lose the connection they cease to exist!

This links to the metaphor of the Borg - an alien race on Star Trek- the hive mind controlled by the 'Queen Bee'. In the TV and movie series - she was an interesting creation of special effects - just a machine who created her own collective mind.

As I sit here typing this my pineal gland opened - (slight momentary pressure in the back of the head).

Believe it or not - maybe I watched the movie Matrix too many times - but I do see us plugged into a main frame through this gland. The pressure - as with the pressure any other chakra - signifies a soul connection or recognition.

We are plugged in!

With this in mind I opened email this morning and discovered a message from someone who feels he has an alien implant in his brain based on something he calls an awareness of being wired into something.

He asked if I knew anyone who removes alien implants. I referred him to my file on alien implants and a man named Derrell Sims.

If we are wired into a computer in a way not visible to us in 3D - then I doubt that these implants can be removed!

Remember the images I posted in the file about my daughter Nikki - which showed something that looked like an alien implant - or just a connection to something not in 3D.

Look to the side of Nikki's right eye

I believe this picture was set up for a reason that I would discover and post at this time. Though we can doubt the messages in 'spirit photography' - they are there for a purpose that will one day be understood. Hopefully that day is Today!

I believe we may all have implants or connections in our bodies that link us in. I see this connection particularly in the brain - often manifest with migraine headaches. That would explain why people who have head injuries suddenly become more psychically aware among other things. It could explain the feeling of being a Walk -In - a new identity. You just switch channels.

It also could explain why all experiences are valid in anyone's reality.

Here's another image I received just before I posted this file - but didn't get to open until the evening - from a reader named Jon. His wife, Jan, recently created this painting. Their website is called The Edge. Jon. Jan and I share a connection with Thoth and Seshat. Again we link back to the Atlantean program - merging with this one.

Note the alien eyes.

Atlanteans Andromis, Thoth, Thotme and Seshat.
Background: Temple of the Heights, Giza Pyramids,
BlueStar, and base of HeartStar.