Alchemy and Metaphysics

December 2001

We are currently going through a merging on many levels of body, mind and soul. This is linked to the ancient teachings of alchmey as a transformation from one reaity to another where one finds eternal life. The Alchemist is the Wizard - He who helps us transform.

Please read through my November 2001 Archives to better understand these alchemical changes and to see what awakens your soul memory. The best explanation for this is the file Rainbow Twins.

Part of this alchemical experience links with seeing double digits such as 11:11 which trigger this change in our DNA cellular codings.

From Trilya

Blood and Gold

Has anyone looked at our incredible blood under a microscope? What color was it? GOLD . . . sparkling, shiny beautiful GOLD.

If you have not witnessed this try to find someone with a microscope and put a drop of your blood on the plate and look at it. You will never forget its beauty.

Now translate that beauty into how we have valued gold over the milleniums, wars have been fought over this substance, magicians have used it in their "works" as a chief alchemical substance, the Constitution recognises it as one of only two LEGAL tendar, silver being the other.

Why is this planet so in awe of the beautiful metal? IT HOLDS......CELLULAR/GENETIC AND GEOPHYSICAL MEMORY!

The true pipeline in the morphogentic field around this planet - that which connects us with all other morphogentic grids is the golden property of blood.

The morphogenetic field of the planet is being lit up.

Ancient archetypal symbols are being activated through the golden conductive properties within us.

People's dream states are being more lucid.

People are having simultaneous dreams with others. Then they are comparing notes with the other people the next day only to discover that the other people also remember the dream interactions and that they were the same.

Gold - blood - seems to be a common thread linking all species near and far.

Gold is the most perfect of the metals.

For the alchemist, it represented the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul. It is associated with the operation of Coagulation.

If we take time to look into the Science and Spirit of gold we will find many interesting links and start to realize why the purest aura around the body is golden-white light.

We are Gold, precious and rare.

From Carl Jung

The symbol of gold: Of great worth, or the transforming philosopher's stone 'lapis philosophorum' hunted for centuries by the alchemists - is to be found in man.

Alchemy, in its infancy, was primarily an experimental process dedicated to transforming physical, material lead into physical, material gold. Ancient alchemists were the scientists (i.e. chemists) of their day.

In much later years of alchemy's development (during the Renaissance), the primary goal for many (or most) alchemists had become that of bringing about a mysterious inner transformation process in the psyche.

I have discovered, in the images of alchemy, further validation of his psychological theories regarding the universal nature of symbols. This was really little different than Jung's earlier discovery of universal symbols contained in sacred religious writings, myths, fairy tales and/or in dreams.

Inner Transformation:

The fascinating thing was that when seen through a symbolic, psychological "lens" -- the (al)chemical experiments to transform base, worthless metals into precious gold reflected an internal developmental process of "wholeness" in the human psyche called "individuation".

I have come to value alchemy for it's rich symbolic content and imagery.

I have unearthed numerous indicators that even some of the earliest alchemists were aware of a corresponding internal process taking place within the human psyche.

Yet what truly set apart the symbols of transformation found in alchemy was (in fact) due to the early alchemists' beliefs that they were strictly dealing with physical, chemical, material processes.

Carl Jung (1875-1961) began to investigate the psychological components of alchemy in the 1920's and throughout the 30's 40's and 50's wrote a number of books interpreting alchemy within the context of his psychological ideas. In order to study the subject further, he began to collect a library of alchemical books.

Jung's idea of the archetypes of the collective unconscious, resonated with the elaborate symbolic language of alchemical texts, and provided scholars with a new way to examine alchemical material. During the early 20th century the cultural climate, and the preconceptions of reductionist science, made it almost impossible for scholars to look at the ideas in alchemical texts, and the scholarship of this period merely presented alchemy as a historical phenomenon, a precursor of chemistry.

Alchemy was at that time only investigated by occultists and historians of science. Jung's courage in grasping this difficult material and providing ways in which one could penetrate alchemical ideas without losing scholarly credibility, led to a serious reappraisal of alchemy which continues to this day.

The most accessible of Jung's alchemical books must be Psychology and Alchemy (1944), which was derived from his Eranos lectures given in 1935-36. In this he first deals with dream symbolism and the imagery of alchemical material, and presented the picture that alchemy is a sea of collective archetypal images which can still surface in our dreams. In the second half of this book, Jung examines the religious ideas that were drawn into alchemy, and the subtle ways in which the alchemical tradition struggled with the contradictions and problems arising from religious ideas.

For example, he looks in depth at the parallels between the philosophers' stone and the Christian mythos, the 'Lapis-Christ parallel', as he titled one of his chapters. Psychology and Alchemy is illustrated with 270 images from alchemical books and manuscripts and from related works. Many of these images were here presented in print for the first time, and this book had a profound influence and gave inspiration to many scholars and esotericists to re-examine alchemical symbolism.

Jung's Alchemical Studies, is a series of essays on the Secret of the Golden Flower, Zosimos, Paracelsus, The Spirit of Mercurius, and the Tree of Life as an archetypal symbol in alchemy. In these essays he is able to look in depth at particular aspects of alchemy.

Probably one of the most difficult, and yet most influential of his books is the Mysterium Coniunctionis, 1955. Here he examines the nature of the opposites in the human psyche and the alchemical tradition. The uniting of the alchemical King and Queen, the male and female components of the psyche, is exhaustively investigated though various alchemical ideas, symbols and source texts. This book, which few people can have studied in depth, nevertheless, provided key ideas for understanding the complexities of alchemical symbolism.

Nibiru - A Metaphoric Planet

Aliens who supposedly came to Earth for its Gold - enslaving human - a metaphor for our conscious awareness being trapped here. These aliens are supposedly returning after 3,600 years. The number 3,600 are linked to Sacred / Creational Geometry.

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