Initiations, Matter Anti-Matter, Time Travel, Reality

Saturday - April 21, 2001

Z showed me the Great Pyramid.

He placed a large Z over the pyramid.

Then he drew a line from the top left point of the


to the bottom right point.

This formed an hourglass above the pyramid - Time!

As is above - so is below???

The illusion of Time is created by the Great Pyramid?

The capstone of the Great Pyramid creates the illusion?

Coney Island Image

Ellie in Coney Island - July 2, 1946 - Age

This picture mysteriously manifested out of nowhere in a letter Deja sent me in 1989. She never mailed this picture to me. How could she? It was a picture neither of us had ever seen before.

Synchronicity - Deja reported that as she saw the current shifts in the timelines - she was drawn to this picture of me. She hadn't looked at it in years.

The Shadow

Something feels wrong about this shadow. Most readers agree!


I am not sure why this is coming up - Several readers saw a cat connected to the shadow - Baste? Sekhmet?

Lynne wrote - "There was something I meant to tell you but forgot, and that is related to 'time'. About a month ago I was having a channeled reading, at the very beginning of the reading the channel said her cat clock, the kind with the pendulum tail, that hadn't worked in a long time suddenly started to work again. And then this afternoon after I wrote to you the power went off at my home by the time it started again my energy was back."

I also found the shadow of the pole that is just behind me to be very odd. It shouldn't be as long as it was.

It seems to separate me from the rest of the people.

Many people noticed that it was part of an hour glass - pyramid over pyramid - that was formed by the lines on the ground - I appear to be in the lower part of the pyramid. I can also see what must represent a capstone.

Does this mean I moved through time on July 2, 1946

Does is link me with the Great Pyramid and time?

Does tricycle - mean three - three wheels - cycles? Wheel - Karmic wheel? Cycles of time?


Synchronicity - Last week I had visions of this childhood image of me in Coney Island. I told Z that if all of this was relevant to send me a synchronicity. My first client that day was a woman who was also born in 1943 and lived one block away from where I did in Coney Island. We didn't know each other in our childhoods as far as we could remember. We only just met! We attended the same elementary school - then both moved to other neighborhoods. Coney Island - an amusement area - a place of illusion!

Sunday April 22, 2001 Matter - Anti-Matter

My work on the other side has taken me to matter anti-matter theories. It know this has to do with shifts in reality and aspects of my work that are beginning to come into focus.

Z calls them - the spaces between - which comprises most of our known universe. To make a point - Z would go to a space where I couldn't see him yet I would knew he was there by his signature. When I am looking at anti- matter - I appear to be in the dark. Whatever is shown to me is outlined in a gold tone so I can see it. Sometimes the object appears animated. Other times what is see is frozen in time.

I was shown that there is a third set of particles that is yet to be discovered.

At one point Z showed me anti-matter on the right - anti-matter on the left then an area of white in the middle. The odd thing is he placed me in the white area. My hand was on some kind of large wall lever that was not connected to the wall. It had to do with electromagnetic energies. As I held the lever is was near the wall but not touching the connection. I was frozen in time in that position.

Z also showed us doors with mirrors on both sides that are opening quickly now.

Einstein Rosen Bridge

We were also shown parallel train tracks that entered one tunnel. On the other side of the tunnel was one track. They had merged. The tunnel represents a bridge between something. Anna and Deja linked it to the Einstein - Rosen Bridge. The Einstein-Rosen bridge is a geometrical property of a black hole that manifests itself in that on the other side of the black hole another set of dimensions has been attached to the one from our universe. This makes passage through this bridge and hence into another universe a mathematical possibility.

Z also referenced the Superstring Theory as a way to hold matter together or to lift it and place it somewhere else.

Monday April 23, 2001 - Time Travel and Reality

The energies having been very strange the past few days. Once again with the celestial influences - New Moon - Solar Storms - we are experiencing changes in our cellular bodies. We are activating our DNA. Most people I know are feeling tired - drained - a need to sleep and be on 'the other side' - processing.

Time feels altered every day - because it is in constant change.

The need to study quantum mechanics and its effects on time streams and timelines is still part of my daily patterning. It seems to connect with the movement of photons that switch on and off at such a fast rate we are not aware of the changes. This switching moves us back and forth between matter and anti-matter. It causes a time looping effect that I am still trying to discern. This is all confusing to me at this time yet I know I need to grasp these concepts.

I had temporal experience. I had met with a friend. As he walked toward me I saw him change his physical form into someone from another timeline. Now mind you I have seen this sort of thing psychically - but this was a 3D physical change. It was really weird as he shape shifted into another man who I felt I knew - and had actually dreamed about as a child. I saw the man as part of the holocaust timeline - a victim in one of the concentration camps. Afterwards he told me that as we met - I looked like another woman circa 1930's - and he couldn't believe what was happening. What seems to have happened here is we both were physically transported into another timeline simultaneously to a place where we knew each other as a married couple, and we part of the holocaust. We were there long enough to discern who we were in that lifetime. The experience lasted for about 5 minutes in this timeline. The background around us seemed to fade into something else.

Possible explanations -

  • My awareness of the multidimensional aspects of my soul are coming into my conscious awareness in this timeline - merging
  • We physically got caught up in a past life in Germany - yet I know I was a male scientist there so how could this be? Could it be a multidimensional aspect of my soul??
  • We merged into the energies of another couple and experienced through their eyes. Yet I recognized this man when I saw him - as he felt he knew the woman he was looking at - so I don't see this as random time travel.

    As of late I have been having strange dreams in which events in my life flow from my present reality back in time. They flash like 5 second reviews of each decade. I move backward from decade to decade to a time when I was a little girl. (My friend has had similar dreams.)

    Many people are dreaming about events an people from their past. They come as a review of images that pass quickly before them. I believe these people are moving their consciousness to newer realities.


    Tuesday April 24, 2001 - Grid Connections & Past Lives -

    The weather was sunny and mild - another perfect day. After the usual catching up - we talked about alternate health as they all work in those areas. It is wonderful to see how a people are combining physical science and holistic healing for great results. In doing this - one learns to heal body and mind to the soul level.

    We talked about past lives. My friends were able to go to those spaces and complete information karma. The ability to access information from past/other grid programs - the most concurrently running being the 20th Century World Wars - and the 19th Century American Civil War - is very easy now. War and the emotional chaos it causes leaves a strong imprint on the grids that is easier to access that a lifetime in which the soul had an uncomplicated life. Remember - we come down here to play with emotion and passion - and so we do . . .

    The imprint of the Civil War is so strong - as it has been fought on American soil - that when you travel to certain regions in the US you can photograph spirits - hear and experiences the energies of the program -be in that time track - and experience another aspect of your soul there. As for me - I had a colorful career in that timeline - not as a soldier but as a woman who ran a brothel! (grin) Often when men connect with me in this program - I can sense that they are part of my timeline there! (Once must take this with a sense of humor and respect the way the souls are playing our current game). This grid also linked Native American programs and cultures with European - as the white man plundered his way across the Americas.

    My friends and I tired to help me bridge the gap between WW II - the labs - the time travel experiments - and what connects for me in this timeline. There appears to be two labs - Germany and somewhere in or near Philadelphia - having nothing to do with the Philadelphia Experiment that I am aware of yet. The people I worked with were able to teleport and move from Germany to Philly - using equipment we created in a lab. There is no doubt that we were guided to technologies that were more advanced. We were privately funded as we saw it.

    I connected the word 'Gene' which I though was a man name - with one women. She in turn already knew that she worked in genetic research and cloning in those years and that Gene referenced 'genetics'. Very cool!

    The way we all read that time grid - game - there was an accident in the Philadelphia lab which created a rip in the fabric of our space-time. I moved ahead on the timelines - to a point that I am 'catching up' to now - Ellie meets Ellie. When that date arrives - I will meet myself so to speak - and something will happen that feels like a correction - or loop back in time for me. If loops are about blinking - the spaces between - the matter anti-matter business - the Einstein-Rosen bridge - moving through a black hole - than I knew I will understand what to do at the time. In my souls it all seems so easy that it makes my soul laugh! No need to stress it.

    Another thought . . . when I had the experience in time with my friend mentioned below - was I meeting myself as I was in Germany? Was this a prelude to a larger event that will happen in the next few years? My souls tells me this is all true. It tells me that I that I had scientific knowledge in the WW II Game - that is not needed now. I sense that moving between games - grid programs will come into all of our conscious awareness very soon. We will be able to experience ourselves and actually enjoy the pleasant lifetimes - though life in 3D seems to have been anything but pleasant which is why we have the ability to leave and place our consciousness into another game.


    Wednesday 25, 2001 - Activating the Bloodline

    Wednesday's meeting was an initiation of those from the Ancient Mystery Schools - particularly those of Isis and Thoth. This was about souls remembering who they are and what they have come here to do now as we move from one grid program to another in stages. I want to thank those who joined us on the other side and those who shared their experiences afterwards in email. We will do this again.


    At 8:30 AM on Wed. I called Nicole in Chicago as she was part of the Germany and the grid travel programs. She has been busy working on her thesis so she was at home. She said I had been on her mind for several days, especially as she had an another unusual experience. When she was out jogging, on Sunday, she looked up in the sky and saw a vertical black rip - or tear - the the fabric of spacetime. She knew something was happening in the program but she wasn't sure what it was. She said she had time to be part of our energy work at 9 AM and would see what happened as she went through the 'black matter' - rip in time.


    Deja sees this black line - rip in time - as another grid program. She sees it as a 'trench' in which energy is flowing from both the right and left sides to create this another program. "Timelines are fluxing back and forth between realities. It looks like a warp the fabric of the grid. In essence - off/on phases - on a large scale are occurring. This links with the matter - anti-matter work Ellie is connecting with. This major part of the shift begins today and lasts until Sunday evening. The closing loop is 11:27-11:37-11:47 pm - which are markers on the space-time grid. A new reality - program - is weaving itself through the grid that affects everybody. It's making a whole brand new timeline thus bringing us into a new awareness. Truly, this is different. It's about a "new" perception - reality at a new level. It is about relationships - but not in the way we used to think about them in the past. It's not about healing old issues and your emotional base. It is seeing relationships from a higher level of awareness. For example - if two people are having an argument - they will react differently than they did in the past. They will look for a solution to the problem. They will seek balance."


    At 9 AM I connected by phone with Paula in Israel, Dianna in Canada, and Anna in Brooklyn + those who joined with us energetically as I had posted this date and time on the Internet for those who needed to Initiate with us.

    What was to be a half hour session lasted until 11:30 AM EDT. . . and on.

    This appears to be a time when those from a specific bloodline are opening the 'seals', if you will - to hidden information. This group of souls have kept this information safely encoded within its blooldine since the beginning of this root race. Many of the souls understand what is occurring. Others feel the energies. Other who are not aware consciously - are feeling drained and unable to function in 3D tasks. This week many of those souls had to stay home from work - or leave work and go to sleep - which allowed them to work from the other side.

    This is not about shifting realities as that occurs all the time.

    It is about activation of soul memory to understand your soul's purpose here in this timeline.

    It is about moving conscious awareness from matter to anti-matter so see beyond our reality.


    By the time I connected with my friend the planetary energies were very high. This was a global experience.

    At some points during our session - we experienced physical noises through the phone lines. They sounded like noises when moving through a wind tunnel. They came during specific points in our conversation. The tape recording I made of the session also shows an increase in static as the session move forward.

    These are some of the things we experienced.

  • We started off in the 'black space'. Everything I saw looked black with a golden outline. We saw millions of souls in this space - all frozen in time. We saw many creational symbols. They included the Julia fractal which turned into the fibernacci symbols, prototypes, babies and eggs.

  • My pocketwatch, which I always take with me, stopped.

    The black fracture appeared to go through all of the programs as a zig-zag vertical line. It is as if the rip in time affected all of the programs running simultaneously with ours.


    We left the black space and moved from grid program to grid program.

  • Diane connected with the 'Ra Material'. I found this link.

  • Diane sees new physics linked with the changing frequencies. This is occurring now. She saw the word Aether as a new source of energy - The Ethers

  • I saw a capped mushroom

  • A swastika became a multi-dimensional shape

  • Orion - you go into Orion and then you leave the program -links with the Great Pyramid

  • The pyramid shape is the creational source - Isis took all and everything - merged it all together and made a black pyramid which she held in her left hand and gave to us. It appears as a computer chip.


  • Dianne saw me with a bird on my head. Anna felt the bird was the Benu - Phoenix - Feminine - "The Ascending One"..

    Similar to the Greek Phoenix - The Benu symbolized death and rebirth. In the Above Papyrus the Person is faced with the Benu, at his back is the right Eye of Ra watching over and protecting. Below his feet is the left eye of Ra symbolizing balance. Above the Benu Bird is a dark disc which is symbolic of the Darkness that death brings. Behind the Benu Bird is a Solar Disc symbolic of the Light that the rebirth will bring. So in this story the person is in a position of protection where he must die to be reborn like the Benu ( Phoenix ) Rising up from the ashes of old to begin anew.

  • In Egypt we I became ONE with Isis. We were is a gathering of the Initiates of the Isis Mystery Schools. We carry the genetic encoding for a Blue Seed. The seed looked like a triangle. I flew - as Isis - over the pyramids. I knocked the capstones off all of them. Then I knocked the head off the Sphinx. Then I was shown the rams and i knocked their head off also. I saw my livingroom was physically spinning counter-clockwise - which means backwards in time. I had to hold onto the couch for balance. Black Isis - The Magician - I have been seeing the symbol of the Masonic Lodge for days - ancient mystery school teachings.

    Perhaps the most important goddess of all Egyptian mythology, Isis assumed, during the course of Egyptian history, the attributes and functions of virtually every other important goddess in the land. Her most important functions, however, were those of motherhood, marital devotion, healing the sick, and the working of magical spells and charms. She was believed to be the most powerful magician in the universe, owing to the fact that she had learned the Secret Name of Ra from the god himself. She was the sister and wife of Osiris, sister of Set, and twin sister of Nephthys.


  • Anna saw the fabric being removed from many umbrellas. Umbrellas - symbols for 'concealing information'. This indicates that sacred information is being accessed into the grids for those who need it now.

  • As we entered the grids - I told everybody to place the word "Remember' into the grids. - which we all did many times.

  • Third dimension is all about illusion and mirrors. The Trickster appeared to us the form of 'Q' from 'Star Trek'. He seemed to imply that we had passed some sort of test and were good players in a game.

  • Paula had a book which referenced Moses parting the Red Sea - (Metaphors The Rip in Time? Black Space? Spaces Between? Exodus?) It mentioned Gilgamesh - The Flood - Creation. It also linked to Babylon and the Hebrew bloodline.

  • We all saw women washing fabrics. The fabrics were becoming white. Fabric of time? Weaving a new cloth? We saw the creational egg.


  • Paula saw Thoth standing in front of her inviting us into a crystal pyramid that reminded her of Atlantis. Inside she saw vegetation and a half man half horse. We were taken to a red step pyramid , like the ones in South America but this one was built out of red rubies. There in a chamber were 13 entities dressed in white like the Romans used to dress. One entity was sitting on a chair (throne) on a stage. This represented '12 around one' - which is creational geometry. The man in the middle was Enoch! These entities showed a scroll on the floor and Z pointed out words. Enoch pointed to the scroll which had only one word. He pointed to the WORD and said, "There is your solution!" Creation (English), Fabric (French), Bethesda (English), Kaphia (Arabic head-dress), Son of man (pointed out by the image of Jesus), 'Keys of Enoch' the Hebrew Fire Letters - 'Yod' - Key #10, (This all indicated the formation of new grids). This was about certain languages as creational forces. It reminded me of the work by Stan Tenen.


  • Paula saw the word 'Telos'.

    Telos in Greek means completion, fulfillment - Other Definitions

    Agartha - Hollow Earth Theory - a mythological underground civilization - a subterranean city - linked through the north pole - has an inner sun - 'Shambala the Lesser' is an inner continent, its satellite colonies are smaller enclosed ecosystems located just beneath the Earth' s crust or discretely within mountains. Contains 12 foot tall beings - supposedly the Atlanteans and the Lemurians - Many cataclysms and wars took place on the surface of the planet driving people underground after a lengthy Atlantean-Lemurian war and the power of thermonuclear weaponry that eventually sank and destroyed these two highly advanced civilizations. The Sahara, the Gobi, the Australian Outback and the deserts of the U.S. are but a few examples of the devastation that resulted. The sub-cities were created as refuges for the people and as safe havens for sacred records, teachings and technologies that were cherished by these ancient cultures -

    Actually Telos exists in another grid program.

    Underground Civilizations

    Subterranean Worlds


    Friday April 27, 2001 - A Soul Note - Hathor - John Anthony West

    I woke up at 4:00 AM - the usual time most of us bring our consciousness back into our physical bodies after spending hours on the other side.

    I was hearing a tone when I woke up - almost as if I was deliberating waking myself up to hear it. (I often do that - as I never remember my dreams). The tone was pulsating and seemed familiar. I saw Hathor before me - and I connected. She told me that this was what I might call my 'soul note'. She told me that we all have a soul note - based on our frequency signatures. They often have numbers attached to them. Soul notes can help you gain access to other grids and to leave the program completely. Your soul note can be used to link parallel worlds.

    I closed my eyes and saw sacred geometry before me. Again I was back in that space where images are black with a gold outline so I can see them. The images were moving about randomly.

    Hathor told me to place the tones of my soul note into the grid of the geometry - which I did. I could see it moving through the gold areas like tiny bubbles. It looked a lot like an intravenous drip! I watched for a while deciding that this was where I needed to be and not to go back to dreamtime. This is the reality I needed to focus on for some reason. And so I worked for one hour with Hathor creating.

    Creation filled my mind as I got out of bed at 5 AM.

    I went to the computer to check email - usually the first thing I do . . .

    There was an email from John Anthony West that I decided to post here as it references Hathor. A synchronicity??

    Irene as Hathor at Dendera

    Irene called after she read today's column. She wanted to share a synchronicity she had yesterday.

    Seeing the face of Hathor as at uterus is a metaphor for creation. Being in the energies of the Dendera grid - The Temple of Hathor - allows one to open their inner source of the creational story of Hathor. Yesterday my friend Leah and I listened to a tape I made while having a reading with Ellie in 1998. It mentions me as Hathor. Leah looked at my face and saw Hathor!

    From John Anthony West

    Important (re)discovery. I've long pondered the many mysteries (most of them unacknowledged by Egyptologists, needless to say) surrounding the 'goddess' Hathor: Why does she have that strange triangular face, unique in all of Egypt?

    Why, of all the neterw ('gods'/'goddesses' ) does Hathor have a temple column all to herself, while Re and Amon and Horus do not?

    Hathor is the great Sky Goddess, Mistress of the 'Cycles of Time' [Did John say the 'Cycles of Time'??], (among her many attributes), Great Mother, Cosmic Feminine and all of that, but still why that strange face?.

    On a recent trip, at the Temple of Dendera, a powerful Hathor Temple, having gone into the various Hathor puzzles, one of my travelers, Roni Toporowsky, looked up at the Hathor face and noted that it was precisely in the shape of a uterus.

    Yes, very definitely a uterus! It could hardly be more appropriate applied to the Mother of All.

    On a subsequent trip, another traveler, Karin Erickson, noted that the face was not just a uterus, but a pregnant uterus -- better still.

    I got in touch with Egyptologist Alison Roberts, (whose own excellent book, Hathor Rising, displays a sensitivity toward Egypt that normally gets beaten out of people in the course of the Ph.D. process) to see if she had any thoughts on the Hathor/uterus connection, and she sent an erudite article written in 1953 by A.A. Barb (a scholar I'd never heard of previously) and published in the prestigious Warburg Journal in London, in which the same correspondence was noted, but its profound significance evidently missed. But useful, in the academic arena, to be able to cite the opinion of a scholar with the requisite bona fides.

    This Hathor/uterus connection is not only an important discovery in its own right, but can serve as powerful ammunition in establishing the validity of Schwaller's 'Central Temple of Man' hypothesis; that Luxor Temple precisely conforms to the proportions of the ideal male skeleton. For some reason, this exhaustively documented parallel meets with peculiarly fierce resistance among academics.

    But if the face of the Great Mother is in fact a pregnant uterus, a mighty temple in the form of a man should hardly be surprising.

    A radiologist, Dr. Mel Arici, on still another trip, strongly and professionally seconding the parallel, is sending me photos/x-rays of an actual uterus, pregnant and un-pregnant, illustrating the validity of the initial observed connection.