Tuesday - December 12th - Day 8

12:12 - The King's Chamber

The morning air was crisp and sunny. I rose early and stood on my terrace watching the sun rise behind the pyramid. Today would be our day!

I dressed and packed a few things in my backpack - the small blanket, water, flashlight, camera.

I secured my pocketwatch and sensor in my fanny pack.

The pocketwatch was keeping perfect time and date after having manifested in my fanny pack that morning at 12:12 AM.

After breakfast our guide came to take Irene and I to the pyramid.

We had been promised two hours of time alone in the King's Chamber - but somehow I didn't see that occurring though I wasn't sure why.

I left it to Z to guide this day's events.

When we got to the pyramid - there were a few people mulling around. The prior Friday the area had been filled with tourists and now there were just a scattering of people.

Irene and I climbed high into the casing stones at the north side of the pyramid. There we found a private alcove where no one could see us.

We each sat on a different stone - leaned back - and connected with the energies for about 30 minutes while waiting to gain access to the King's Chamber.

I closed my eyes and listened. It was about harmonics. I heard and saw dolphins. It had been a long time since I had worked with their energies but something linked them to me at this time.

I also sensed other sentient creatures - animals - trees - plants - people meditating on the 12:12 energies in far away places - who were connecting with what I was doing - or going to do.

The pyramid became a beacon of energy for my work.

Just as Irene and I completed what we were doing - a security guard came to tell us that we could enter the King's Chamber.

We climbed down and entered the main stairwell of the pyramid.

The security guards were friendly and spoke some English.

We met the Keeper of the Key - the man who holds the key to unlock the Pyramid each morning.

This is when this picture was taken.

Orbs of light energies
that some people feel are Spirits.

When we got to the King's Chamber we were told that we wouldn't be able to have free time alone after all.

Irene had stopped at the Queen's chamber and I went on ahead.

It seemed that the pyramid had been shut down for two days because an unexpected storm had caused a power outage therefore few people had entered the pyramid for the prior two days. On this first day after they power outage - only a few people had journeyed to the pyramid which explained why there were only 2 people in the King's Chamber when we entered.

Of course I could see a plan at hand here.

Z had caused the power outage days before to reduce the human frequency before I got there.

But what would Z do now as the people who worked there had been told to allow tourists in past the usual time of 11 AM.

I believe the daily visiting hours are 8-11AM. Then 1-3 PM as it was the time of Ramadan and everything closes by 3 PM so people can go home for 'breakfast'.

Irene joined me and our friend Fergany in the Kings Chamber.

As the two tourists started to climb down from the King's Chamber - leaving Irene, Fergany and I alone - not at all to my surprise - Z shut the power off again!

It was completely dark in the pyramid therefore no one could enter until the power came back on! (Smile)

OK! We know Z! He would put the power on when we were finished! He did that right on cue! What a ham!

Alone in the darkness we used our flashlights to get our bearings.

Irene and I placed our little navy blankets on the floor.

We walked around for a few minutes in which time I was hoping something would manifest.

The pocketwatch was keeping perfect time.

It was 11:11.

We turned off the flashlights and sat down almost in a straight line - with me in the center of the chamber - Irene just behind me and Fergany behind her - closest to the stairwell opening.

As the room was totally dark we used the flashlight beneath our faces to give create light for the pictures. This technique also can show a past or parallel lifetime. Perhaps the energies in the chamber will resonant for you. The Pocketwatch and the Disc A lighter version of the image - Click for my Interpretations Check out the eyeliner. I wasn't wearing eye make-up with the 'Egyptian Look'! Irene and Fergany The entrance to the chamber is on his right. Is that another orb? There's no way that left wall is original!! Neither is this sarcophagus!
Though I have no 'singing voice' whatsoever - and never chant - I suddenly began to chant as I was guided by Z.

Some of what I chanted was in a strange language. Most of the sounds were just harmonics which sent out a pulsating resonance. All I saw in my mind's eye was an antenna sending out radio signals.

Some of what I chanted was to be repeated 3, 6, or 12 times at specific intervals - holding the tones for a certain number of seconds. Hey! I didn't know I could do that!

It all seemed so natural and easy.

I saw images of 555 and the grids.

Irene and Fergany said nothing - but later Fergany told me that he felt divine presence with us - especially as the lights when out when they did and returned when we were complete.

I saw many archetypes - both old and new - but I had no way to record what I saw. Most of this information gets lost when you do this kind of work. It's like doing a psychic reading. You get the information - hear and see it - act as the vehicles to bring it through - but you retain little or none of the information you process.

I do remember the symbol of the pyramid that sits upside down - in another dimension - on top of the great pyramid. It came down and merging with the physical pyramid. It looked like an hour glass with the sand removed - Time - it always come down to Time for me. Again with this symbol we have our basic Star of David - Tree of Life - Sacred Geometry - Merkaba - archetypes.

As with the experiences in Luxor - I had felt something shifting and realigning - but with no way to prove what had occurred in 3D.

This energy had a male/ yang quality about it.

I had begun in the male (pyramid) - moved to the female (Luxor) - cleared Germany and the timelines (Ez) - now returned to the male. This all may sound silly - yet it felt right to my soul!

I also sensed I wasn't alone in this work.

I sent energies to the Crystalinks readers who would want to be part of this journey.

I connected with the friends I work with back in the US. I could feel them already 'tuned in'.

I guess I sort of became a rod, beacon, antenna, to send out waves of energy.

The best part was seeing the energies go past 3D - past the program of our reality - and into a creational space.

Again I saw The Watchers paying attention to what I was doing. I sensed my soul there was well.

I was now linking with my soul aspects in many realities - in many frequencies of consciousness.

It was a great feeling.

Towards the end of the chanting - about one hour later - I opened my eyes.

I had hoped the spirit of the old man who comes through dimensionally for Fergany - would manifest for us. In my soul I knew he wouldn't as I suspected that it is another aspect of Fergany who comes when he is alone.

Nothing manifested - which I have to admit was a disappointment.

The closest thing I had to manifestation was a young boy, skinny with dark brown hair, and large eyes.

I asked who he was and why he was there.

He told me his name was Dylan. I didn't make the connection to my family as he looked about 12 years old and I wasn't thinking about them. He told me when he would be born to my family - which was one week later. I sensed a specialness about his soul - just as I had done with my other 2 grandsons, Michael and Gio. He showed me a clock that said 4:44 - but I don't know the relevance of that. He showed me golden DNA entering his body. It mixed with red DNA. He smiled then disappeared.

Irene and Fergany turned their flashlights on and stood up.

We were not steady enough to walk down the stairwell at that point and said very little.

I checked the pocketwatch. It was 12:12 again.

I asked Z to put on the lights! Poof! The pyramid lit up!

As we walked down the stairwell there was no one in the pyramid but a security guard who was waiting for us to leave so he could go to lunch.

As we walked to the taxi - I sensed that I would return one day soon to complete something only just begun. I am not sure when and how that will manifest - but there is more . . .

I knew it would take time before I would sort out the events of the prior few days.

The energies around us continued to remain incredibly high as we bid farewell to Fergany and went for lunch.

5:00 PM

We checked out of the hotel. We left our bags in a storage room at the hotel and had a quiet dinner in the main dining room.

The place was empty. Few tourists were in the hotel.

Z began to play music for me - which made us laugh. Among the songs he played were 'Moon River' and the theme from 'Love Story'.

Z showed me the symbol of the scorpion getting up at last and walking away. I usually see the scorpion just lifting its body - but now it was complete and leaving. I often connect this scorpion with the crop circle formations of the scorpion. Not sure what it means.

In the time remaining before we were to
leave for our flight - we were joined by

Fergany, Sheena, Ellie, Ashir,
Zenab and Irene.

We shared experiences and made plans to meet in NY in the near future as business will bring Sheena and Zenab here.

We made plans for projects to work on together that I hope will manifest.

Their work takes them on endless spiritual journeys to places all over the world.

If I was more of a free spirit I would love to share experiences with them.

For now my soul is happy here in my home . . in Brooklyn . . . watching the water flow softly under the bridge and reality take on a new definition with each movement of the waves.

10:30 PM

It was time to leave for the airport.

Ashir was taking us there by cab.

It takes an hour to drive from Giza to Cairo.

The days we had spent in Egypt felt just right - not too long nor too short.

I didn't feel nostalgic at all.

It was a place to visit with high energies - a few fond memories - and work to do.

Now it was time to go home.

In truth I am not sentimental about any place on this planet. I could leave this planet and move on with ease. It all too much illusion and negativity. Things have always moved too slowly here for me - as if I am in the wrong space/time but here to do a job. Cycles that repeat just don't do it for me. Unless humanity has a major wake-up call - this program seems to perpetuate on and on no matter what I corrected while on my journey.

To me a major wake-up call has to come from something beyond the 3D program of our consciousness. A message has to come from something in the heavens or from an entity that is more evolved before mass consciousness will wake-up! Souls stuck in 3D illusion will blindly continue to muddle through events. Hopefully something I did was of value to bring about a change.

In truth I would have liked to have manifested something all people can see. Not the capstone of the GP - or silly Halls of records - for they aren't real. If Zenab sees me moving stars and planets - that would be an interesting thing to do now. Why can't I connect with the person I am in that program and bring those abilities into this one?

I guess I can no more achieve that feat - than ET's having the ability to move from their program into ours and help us out of here. They simply aren't programmed that way.

11:30 PM

We arrived at Cairo Airport. Ashir walked us to the check-in counter - then to the Gate.

I was very disappointed to discover that the flight was full - and that there were many babies - crying babies! They were from African families who were relocating to the US.

I told Z that if I sat next to a baby I would kill myself.

As it turned out - they sat in the back and the front of the plane and Irene and I sat in the middle.

Oddly Irene and I decided to change our seats at the last minute.

We both wanted window seats and though originally were seated in the back and the front of the plane - we found ourselves in the middle - seats 24J & 25J.

Now usually I don't care which seat I sit in -though I prefer a window - but I insisted it be seat #24J - though I wasn't sure why.

We boarded the plane after most of the other people had boarded and the babies were settled.

As we entered the plane I saw a man putting an attache case in an overhead compartment.

I knew at once that he was the one I was to sit near. . .