Digits are codes. Human DNA - genetic memory - is encoded - to be triggered by digits.

There are so many DNA encoding messages that it difficult to keep track these days. Your memories of who you are the way your soul entered this reality can be triggered by one or more of these digital codes. As our 3D experience is created by sacred geometry - mathematical formulas - it would stand to reason that our wake-up calls would be in digits - often linked to TIME - or the illusion thereof.

Below are some of the more popular codes, but there are codes that are count-downs - people see 3,2,1 or any other sequences of digits their soul has set up to remind them that they are moving out of this reality.

Your codes are of your own chosing, but many are similar because they have to follow the blueprint of creational geometry. It is about the spiraling of consciousness - Phi - Fibonacci - Golden Mean Spiral - found in perfect, exact porportions in the Great Pyramid - as a reminder of 12 pyramids around one (source) that create our reality.

Reality - the psiral of conscousness as if through a slinky toy - through many levels of experience - at the same time for the soul. The spiral gives the illusion of time - but once in meditation or dream state - or beyond the slinky - there is no time.

When you see repetition of numbers, your DNA is being activated. You are remembering that that you are now returning to higher frequency vibration.

Many of us associate 11:11 as some sort of wake-up code/alarm as we see it on digit clocks and watches. It can also be seen as a key to unlock the subconscious mind/ our memoires and connections to who we are as spirit having a physical experience - not physical beings having a spiritual experience.

11:11 also represents the pillars - columns - on either side of a stargate that everyone on the planet will see, simultaneously, at the end of this 'cycle of time'. It is linked to the color blue - as a higher/faster moving frequency color. Our Earth experience in 3D is on a slower frequency - red.

There is a connection between the events of 911- September 11, 2001 and the 11:11 digital codes - metaphors listed here. There is also a connection to 11:11 and double rainbows which many people see today - Rainbow Twins - Rainbow Bridge - bridges that cross realities.

From the expression 'It is written in the Stars' - the creators of this reality - an electromagnetic grid program - left messages in the heavens. Whenever the world will go through a period of evolution it was often foretold in the stars - something celestial will occur. We always look to the heavens for answers - gods - aliens with higher knowledge - yet all the while it is our soul that is above guiding us in many different ways through synchronicity.

The celestial bodies are patterns - reflected in our myths about creation and the gods and goddesses linked to each creational story. They are but stories in which we are experiencing all or just this one - 3D earth.

If you feel a connection to other planets - or time lines - such as Atlantis or Lemuria - Mu - then your soul is experiencing in those grid programs as well. As your frequency raises - you being to merge with who you are in those places and come into greater understanding about your soul and what it is experiencing. This all happens naturally when you and your soul are ready. Your soul is the Universe. You do not have to meditate hours and hours to get there.

It is a sudden awakening after which reality is never the same. You have to be ready to throw away the emotions and the illusion of 3D. If you still want to believe in 3D and the drama - it will be difficult to move past the illusion even as your soul keeps showing you digital codes. You soul says it is Time - and you say, "I am not ready to find out what they are about for me!" So you stay and play a while longer and your soul creates all kinds of synchronicities with these digits until one day - when you are ready - you meet some one - or come here to Crystalinks - to find out what the digits are about! From that day forth - your spiritual journey into awareness takes hold and you keep on healing and searching on and on and on..... Just don't let things get complicated. They are easy.

Once you move into higher frequencies - you begin to create more quickly - or become more aware of synchronicities - meaningful coincidences - that your soul creates for you to remember and trigger your awareness. Please remember that you create every experience that you have.

People report synchronicities with the numbers as the numbers seem to 'pop up' everywhere - always followed by something sort of event that makes us wonder. . .

Upon seeing your digit encoded numbers - you may feel a sense of urgency or related emotions. Chill out! For NOW there is TIME!

The numbers usually signal changes in the patterns of your life.

They may confirm something that you are experiencing whenever the numbers appear to you.

You may dream about the numbers - linked with things you do not as yet understand.

The photo above was sent by a reader named Bryan, in New Zealand. The cloud formation was so unusual it was mentioned in the local newspaper. It shows 11:11 - a trigger of awareness! One way or another spirit is bringing the messages.

As I enjoy watching cloud formations - which speak to me - and we are having so much synchronicities with digits - I decided to post it.


When I originally created Crystalinks in 1995 - a man wrote to tell me about his experiences with the numbers 111:111. When he was about to go through another major spiritual awakening - those numbers would suddenly appear on something connected in his physical life.

The 11:11 can trigger other numerical patterns encoded within you. They are usually the first pattern people see as if they are a doorway.

Know that you are not alone when seeing 11:11. Most people are hearing their wake-up calls at this time. You may also discover that you are triggered by other people and events in your life.

Consciousness is like a loop - a slinky toy created by specific patterns - just like a computer program. The program creates the patterns - grids - the holodeck in Star Trek. Your soul enters the program by spiraling down the slinky. This is called fibonacci and is part of this creational geometry.

Eventually you reach the bottom of the slink - 3D - where you experience - but have left yourself a wake-up call that you must start moving up the slinky again!

11:11 - or other digits based on that geometry - are part of the triggering mechanisms you have given yourself. You see them and your mind says, "Hey! Wait a minute! That means something!"

Much has happened since September 11, 2001. Please read through my archives for November 2001 to better understand this changes and to see what awakens your soul memory.

11:11 represent a physical and spiritual merging of your soul. It is the most popular numerical repeating pattern that people often see when they awaken. I often wonder if this is the reason digital clocks were invented in our timeline!

Since September 2001

When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center crashed - imploded - it affected humanity in more ways than they realized. It was a hallmark on the time grids that this merge has come to pass.

People on planet Earth experienced a new reality - something had changed - something had awakened us.

People made a spiritual connection as they knew the answers were not in third dimension.

That day Crystalinks had over 2 million hits as people intuitively knew that the answers did not have physical explanation so they turned to metaphysical resources - the prophecies. All prophecies reflect one main theme - NOW is the time of great change for humanity.

Some souls see a Golden Age. Gold refers to Alchemy - the alchemical changes that are taking place now in our subtle bodies - as the Twins Merge - the DNA merges - and we go through a major transformation.

Double digits represent 'twins' - the feminine aspect (higher frequency - as is above) of who your soul - now merging with the masculine aspect (lower - slower moving frequency - so is below).

11:11 also represents - columns - towers that are now falling.

You might view the 11:11 as the twin towers falling down - I like the word imploding better. I actually witnessed the implosion from the terrace of my home.

Please read this file to better understand the merge.

January 19, 2002

I have been seeing a sequence of descending numbers on my clock radio. I created this file to help others who may have been experiencing the same patterns.

2012 - Code Numbers

2012 is generally viewed as a date based on the end of the Mayan calendar. Some people think that the universe will be destroyed on December 21, 2012. But what metaphor was that based on, when their calendar was created?

Patterns in our program must follow specific geometry. It is all based on the number 12.

In third dimension we have 2 DNA strands.

As our frequencies are evolving to higher levels of consciousness - we are returning to the original 12 - 12 strand DNA - 12 pyramids of creation----->back to source.

Originally the 12 strands - merged into 6 pairs of twin DNA - Star of David - Flower of Life - Merkaba ----> now spiraling from 2 back to 12 or 2012.

There are 12 pyramids that set up the multidimensional matrix of our reality, the electromagnetic energy of our grid program.

They are created from a central source of light which moves apart and becomes 12 pyramids of sound, light and color. They surround the central source. They spiral around it forming a Matrix. Everything we can conceive of is in that Matrix. It is the Hall of Records, Golden Capstone, the Scared Keyz, The Akashic Record, Book of Knowledge.

It is what allows different programs /civilizations/ ages to move in and out of our reality without explanation.

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    20 to 4

    One of the triggers I have seen since I was a child has been a clock that reads 3:40 or 20 to 4.

    It is one of my oldest reoccurring 'markers' and has never made sense . . . yet it always came through.

    Today I channeled the grandmother of one of my client. Her grandmother crossed over several years ago.

    The grandmother showed me a clock that read: 20 to 4 or 3:40!

    The client said, "Oh my God! My grandmother came to me in dreamtime and showed me the same thing! She also left me an antique clock that no longer works. The clock stopped at 20 to 4."

    My alarm bells went off! 20 to 4 represents the year 2004 - another DNA merge and step up the old DNA ladder!

    [Remember that the energies for 2004 start in September 2003.]


    Double digits also represent the names of different grids in which our souls are currently experiencing.

    Your soul is multi-dimensional - experiencing in many forms - in many grid programs. Grids form the matrix that hold the illusions of reality together..

    The grids have numbers - as all things in our reality are based on something called Sacred Geometry.

    The physical Earth grid is 553. Many people see us moving to grid 555. Those numbers may be part of your trigger - wake-up - numbers.

    The most popular double digits are:

    10:10 - Moving into a new beginning 1(one) - and moving into the pattern of the Great Void 0 (zero)

    111 - 11:11 - 111 - Merging DNA - Energy flow enhancing whatever level you are in presently

    12:12 - Stargate - Clocks - Measurements of Time - Calendars - 12 ethereal pyramids around One=The Great Pyramid - The Illusion of Time is Ending

    222 - Duality - Polarity - Recognition that we are created by an electromagnetic energy grid. Our polarities that are now merging.

    333 - Three into One - 12 pyramids each containing 3 entities =36

    432 - 432:Cosmic Key

    444 - Completion of a cycle - 44:44 Stargate

    553 - The Physical Earth plane

    555 - Fifth dimension - higher frequency energy often associated with Christ Consciousness

    666 = 18 = 9 = completion of this cycle of time

    777 and 888 - return to higher consciousness

    999 - Completion


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